The Northern Lights

Do you want to see the Northern Lights? Now is the time to think about it!

There has been a lot of publicity recently because the northern lights are particularly good at the moment.  In fact, the lights are at their most frequent in late autumn and winter/early spring.  Between 21 September and 21 March, you have the best chances of spotting the lights.  However, the weather is also of importance, and September, October and November tend to be wet and snowless in the north.  From December the weather dries up, and there is normally plenty of snow.  If you come in December or January, you experience the polar nights with atmospheric evenings and very short days.

Here is an excellent opportunity to see the Northern Lights (of course, it can never be guaranteed) with a superb short cruise with frequent stops along the coast in the remote part of northern Norway on 3rd December 2012.  ALTERNATIVE DATES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.  PLEASE CALL 01276 25511 OR EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS. 

Itinerary:Fly from Gatwick to Tromso sail the postal route to Kirkenes ~ sail back to Tromso ~ 2 nts post cruise stay at the Radisson Blu hotel ~ fly back to Gatwick prices start at
Join Boudicca during February 2013 for the opportunity to view the northern lights or the aurora borealis, as they are also known.  To stand beneath a sky filled with the otherworldly lights of the Aurora is something many of us dream of seeing.  Each eruption of the northern lights is unique.  Glowing waves of neon green and yellow, or billowing curtains of blue, pink and red in the velvet sky is something that will be treasured for a lifetime. 
Boudicca will be departing from Portsmouth on the 9th and 25th February 2013.  These cruises are for 16 nights, and entitled ‘In Search of the Northern Lights’.  As February offers long hours of darkness and stable weather conditions,  you should see this amazing aurora activity.  However, as this is a natural phenomenon, no guarantee can be given.
As these itineraries are proving so popular, a recent addition is a 14-night cruise on Boudicca on 13th March 2013.  The days will be slightly longer in March but you should still have many opportunitites to see the northern lights.  All these cruises sail direct from the UK – from Portsmouth.
These cruises are booking quickly so please call us on 01276 25511 or email for more information about the cruise itineraries and for prices and reservations.
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