Fairwaves specialises in golf cruises, golf holidays and specialist and expedition cruises.  We have years of experience behind us and have travelled widely and work with all cruise lines.  As keen golfers, we offer golf cruises throughout the world and tailor-make golf holidays to exotic destinations such as Bermuda, Mauritius, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, as well as to Spain, Portugal, Turkey and other destinations.

Here are some examples of golf holidays: play golf in a tournament in Bermuda;  cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore and play golf in China, Vietnam and Thailand;  stay and play golf in Tenerife or La Gomera and cruise around the Canary Islands or to West Africa, Morocco and Madeira;  stay and play golf in Puerto Rico and cruise on a mega yacht and play golf on Nevis and Anguilla;  stay and play golf in Costa Rica and cruise along the coast on a clipper ship to explore this fascinating country.

There are cruises to all parts of the world and we have plenty of ideas for adventure and special and exciting cruises.  You travel in comfort, unpack once, and explore the remotest parts of the world.  Some examples are:  cruise along the length of the Amazon in luxury, or take a roundtrip voyage from Iquitos in Peru, with frequent trips on zodiacs into the depths for the jungle;  explore Antarctica, get close to the penguins and see this vast area for yourself;  go in search of the Northern Lights or go polar bear spotting in Spitzbergen;  cruise around the incredible Galapagos Islands;  explore exotic Polynesia or cruise around New Zealand and Australia;  sail through the Magellan Straits and see the wonderful scenery of the Chilean fjords.

To find out more, call 01276 514664 or email info@fairwaves.co.uk and see our website:  www.fairwaves.co.uk.

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